[2012/01/13] Finally dropping gitit for a custom system (NIH returns)

Git backed wiki / CMS

I like the idea of using Git (or any other SCM) as backend for a Wiki. It also should provide a way to update the wiki without the web interface, which is much more comfortable when writing long articles. In fact, I've been using my own scripts for generating static pages from a SVN repository for a long time. I was looking for a simple web interface to do quick edits recently though (much quicker for small edits and only requires a browser).

Gitit for a few months

is a nice git backed wiki engine written in Haskell.

However, Haskell isn't available on NetBSD amd64. There is also a bug (dunno where in the software stack) which makes gitit to consume 100% of one core on NetBSD i386. I also had trouble editing some articles from the web interfaces, especially when they contained some code to be highlighted. Gitit seems to "eat" some of the content.

NIH returns

There aren't that many alternatives out there. I found , wich would not run out of the box on my machine and is written in Ruby, which I am not familiar with. However It proves me that it could be easy and quick to write a simple custom script.

So I took a few hours to write some bits of Perl, using , , and Text::Markdown::Discount.

"Kiwigit" is then only a simple frontend for updating markdown files and commiting the changes.

Oh, by the way, Dancer is fantastic. It makes writing of web applications so easy and quick !